Friday, 20 November 2009

Olly Murs in for £100k X-Factor bonanza

Olly Murs and the other X-Factor Contestants who join next year's tour will receive around £100,000 bonanza for the live performances, it has been reported.

According to The Sun newspaper, next year's dates are the most lucrative in the history of the show, with 29 gigs already booked and further concerts possible in the light of successful ratings.

An unnamed finalist from last year said: "The tour is the most lucrative part of being on the show. Even if you don't win, it can set you up for life."

An X Factor spokeswoman said: "We do not discuss any financial details of contracts for the tour."

Producers have reportedly decided that the top eight acts will perform on the tour - Lucie Jones, Jamie Archer, Lloyd Daniels, John & Edward, Stacey Solomon, Danyl Johnson, Joe McElderry and Olly.

It is claimed that each solo act will receive in the region of £100,000, while John and Edward Grimes will each receive just under this figure.

Whoever Kandy Rain, Rikki Loney, Miss Frank and Rachel Adedeji will all feel hard done by as they will miss out on the lucrative tour as they failed to make the final eight.

Last year, it was reported that some performers on the X Factor tour earned as little as £100 for each live date.

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Stacey & Olly sitting in a tree..K I S S I N G...

Well may be they weren't in a tree, but the x-Factor rumour mills are buzzing that the budding romance we reported on a few weeks ago between Olly Murs and Stacey Solomon might have finally been sealed with a kiss.

A source (it had to be, didn't it) has revealed : "In the last few days they have been getting very affectionate towards each other and it looks like the first X Factor romance of the year is starting,"

"Olly and Stacey are both single and been spending more and more time together. They have had a few cuddles and a kiss away from the other contestants and everyone at the show thinks they will make a lovely couple." sweet I wonder if we will get a repeat of the Diana Vickers and Eoghan Quigg sickly moment when the first of the pair gets voted off.

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Olly would have loved to get Spice-y

Who was Olly Murs first crush? The cheeky geezer from Essex has revealed that Posh Spice was his first ever crush. Olly revealed that he was so besotted by the Victoria Beckham that he even copied the hairstyle of her husband David.

"My first celebrity crush has got to be Victoria Beckham. I was a massive Spice Girls fan back in the day, when I was about 16," he told the ITV1 show's official website.

"I used to have my hair like David Beckham with the blonde locks and the highlights in the hair. She was definitely my first celebrity crush."

He added: "My biggest pin-up was David Beckham. As well as fancying Victoria Beckham and having every picture of her on earth, I had loads of pictures of David because I support Manchester United and he's from around where I live."

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Is Olly going to miss X-Factor this week.

Current x-Factor favourite Olly Murs may miss this weeks live show. Newspapers are reporting that he is is suffering from a throat infection. The singer from Whitham, essex apparently has the same illness that Lloyd Daniels complained about last weekend.

Both Murs and Daniels have been ordered to rest their voices by doctors and were told not to talk to anyone at last night's A Christmas Carol premiere. ITV sources say "Both are determined to make Saturday night's show,"

However there are precedents for missing out on a live show. Last year, Diana Vickers controversially missed one show after being diagnosed with laryngitis, despite have been spotted laughing and cheering at a bonfire night during the week leading up to it.