Saturday, 31 October 2009

Be the first to get the X-Factor 2009 single - 'You Are Not Alone'

Every year the X-Factor contestants come together to record a charity single and this year's single is almost ready.

The Single features all 12 of the X-Factor Finalists

Danyl Johnson
Lloyd Daniels
Lucie Jones
Jamie "Afro" Archer
Joe McElderry
John and Edward Grimes (The Twins)
Kandy Rain (Coco, Azi, Khatereh, Chemmane)
Miss Frank (Graziella, Shar, Shaniece)
Olly Murs
Rachel Adedeji
Rikki Loney
Stacey Solomon
The song, a cover of Michael Jackson's You are not alone, will raise vital funds for the Great Ormond Hospital in London which over the years has treated thousands of children from the UK and across the world. A powerful message that no matter how bad things are they are not alone.

To order your copy:

Click to buy the X-Factor Charity Single from (Free Delivery available)

Not less than £1 from the sale of each CD will be paid to Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity.

Be part of what will be one of the biggest charity drives in the UK this year by ordering the Single which will be released on November 16th

Friday, 30 October 2009

X-Factor Romance made in Essex

Rumour are rife that X-Factors two Essex contestants Olly Murs and Stacey Solomon may soon be come an item.

It’s been claimed that Murs has told people that he would like to date Solomon - and thinks that she "looks beautiful".

The pair have apparently been spotted flirting together while they filmed the video for X Factor group single You Are Not Alone.

A source claimed: "Olly is absolutely head over heals about Stacey - you can see it in his eyes. He couldn't stop staring at her during the filming. Everyone noticed what was going on."

Well Olly better move quick as Stacey has caught the eye of many a roving bachelor. Earlier in the week Aston Merrygold of last years X-Factor runner-up JLS declared he is “in love” with X Factor singer Stacey Solomon.

Aston reportedly wrote on his Facebook wall:

“I think I’m in love with stacey lol shes my kind of girl.”

“Stacey Looked YUMMY! she can make me drop 2 my knees anyday ;D.”


Heat magazine also quoted Solomon’s older sister Jemma as saying that Merrygold had contacted her about dating her sister.

“His mate said, ‘Aston really wants to meet Stacey – can you hook them up?’” she said. I was like, ‘I don’t even get to see her, let alone set him up on a date with her’.”

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Olly shows Cheryl how it should be done....

Other than obsessive fans of Cheryl Cole most people will readily admit that her "live" performance of her best selling single Fight For This Love, left a lot to be desired.

Well Jamie "Afro" Archer and Olly Murs combined to give the world an alternative version of the song.

Filmed in the over 25s bedroom at the X-Factor house in Golders Green, north London, Jamie can be seen playing along to the guitar while Olly takes the lead vocals.

However, it all goes a bit wrong when Olly loses the words and has to ad lib the rest.

The new lyrics include: “Look outside there’s lots of fans, they are screaming ‘we love the Afro man’. I am sitting here with Jay, we like to sit and sometimes play.”

And after a series of questionable high notes from Olly, Jamie saves the performance by attempting to copy Cheryl’s dance routine on the X Factor.

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Olly Murs comes from a family of entertainers

No sup rise that Olly Murs is such a confident fellow as it is revealed that he comes from a long line of entertainers. The Daily Star has revealed that Olly's great-grand parents Edward and Kathe Murs, were circus acrobats back in the 1920s and 30s.

His grand mum Maureen speaking to the paper form her home in Witham revealed "My husband’s parents came to England from Latvia after the Second World War in 1948.

“But before the war they were part of an internationally famous circus act and travelled all over the world performing.

“My husband’s mother used to balance a pole carrying Edward on her mouth while he stood on top playing a guitar and performing other tricks.

“By all accounts it was an amazing act. “If Olly can pull in the crowds like them he will have done incredibly well.

“It would be fantastic if he could become world-famous like them.”

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Olly Murs at the Simon Cowells LA Mansion

It is the last hurdle to climb before the X-Factor Finals and Olly is in Simon Cowells mansion singing before Simon and pal Sinitta. This is the make or break decision and ge rendition of 1970's classic Song For You

Olly Murs is back at Boot Camp...

Olly is back taking part in the X-Factor Boot Camp after wow-ing the Judges at the auditions held earlier. The Judges were not as impressed. Simon thought his choice of Elton John's Your Song was not challenging, but in the end he had done enough to get himself through to the next round.

First sight of Olly Murs at the Audtions

Olly first appearance at this year's X-Factor where he wows the Judges with his rendition of Stevie Wonder's Superstition and some funky dance moves.

Olly Murs' home town rally behind him

Looks like Olly will not be short of support in the X-Factor finals as support from across his home town in Witham, Essex rally behind him. It seems Olly was quite a popular character back home.

Support is coming from his school, former workmates, the local football club Witham FC where he played and much more...

10 Things you might not know about Olly Murs

1. The 25-year-old works as a customer advisor in his native Kent 'giving people advice on how to save money with their energy bills'.

2. Olly has compared himself to Justin Timberlake, Ne-Yo and Chris Brown.

3. This isn't Olly's first brush with TV fame. He once appeared on Deal or No Deal - but only came away with £10. He filmed 29 episodes of the Channel 4 gameshow and spent a month waiting before finally getting to sit in the hot seat.

Read 4 - 10 at the Daily Mirror

Olly Murs' first brush with TV Fame

X-Factor finalist and all round cheeky chappie Olly Murs has had previous brush with TV fame and we have unearthed his appearance on the Channel 4 show - "Deal or no Deal" with Noel Edmond. Unfortunately it did not go down to well for our Olly.